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Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can be debilitating and require care from a Colorado Springs, CO, chiropractor back pain service provider. Our professionals at Catalyst Chiropractic have 24 years of medical experience, including in child, pediatric, and nutrition training. No matter the services you need, you’ll be treated with care and compassion.

We'll diagnose your back problems and come up with a solution that aims at reducing your pain. Consider us if you feel you need the following from your choice chiropractor:

  • Flexible hours
  • Personalized therapy treatments
  • A modern facility

The patients of Catalyst Chiropractic have come to know us as the go-to Colorado Springs, CO, chiropractor back pain service. Whether your back pain is a result of an injury, obesity, an illness, or some other cause, you can rest assured that we’ll do what we can to accommodate your needs. Give us a call anytime Monday - Saturday to set up your first appointment.